This is ideal for big businesses of any industry, larger medium sized businesses, NGOs and retail establishments wishing to engage in e-commerce or at least the cataloguing of their products and services online.

Built with all the features of the other packages indicated above, including various other special and advanced features. This involves the design, development, installation of a website with more than 50 pages. Characterised by the use of basic HTML, XHTML,, VB.NET, PHP and similar programming languages. The websites in this category may include a database or databases for websites that have catalogues or the need to hold large reserves of data or user information.

Includes additional support for installed web applications if necessary – on an as need-be basis. Your website would take approximately 8 weeks to be up and running. 1 This is dependent upon your assessed requirements and will therefore be on varying degrees for different companies; (It will also depend on your choice of website package).